Pollen & Honey Mix 300 g

Ingredients : Pollen %20, Flower Honey %80 Mix


Pollen & Honey  mix that keeps the body fit also adds life to the body, accelerates metabolism, takes fatigue of the body and mind, helps ensure regular intestinal metabolism, it is very effective in renewal of cells.



It helps regulate liver functions.



Honey & pollen mixture is resistant to diseases due to its strong and nutritious properties and has antibacterial properties.



Being a very powerful energy supplement, the mixture is a natural energy source. It can be consumed frequently by people who need doping, especially athletes.



It can be used as a supplementary food for daily vitamin and mineral support.



It contains minerals such as sodium, magnesium, iron, silicon, zinc, copper, aluminum, nickel, titanium.



Thanks to the carbohydrate, protein and B vitamins it contains, your body becomes resistant to fatigue all day.