Black Forest Honey 450g

Black Forest honey is produced in many parts of Turkey, in the Aegean and Mediterranean are produced extensively. Like all honey varieties, Black Forest Honey is a type of honey that should be produced and consumed naturally.
Most of the forests in these regions consist of pine trees. Black Forest Honey taken from these trees is a delicious and healthy type of honey. Black Forest Honey , is produced by honey bees collecting the extracts from pine trees in July and August, when the temperature is high. It has a darker color and more intensity compared to pine honey.
Black Forest Honey has a pain relieving feature and is like a natural medicine. It has a healing effect on eye disorders. It strengthens the hair roots and nourishes the hair. Black Forest Honey contains vitamins and these vitamins relax the stomach and improve  digestion. Wounds can be treated with black forest honey. Vitamins and minerals in the honey speed up the regeneration of the cells in the body.
Black Forest Honey is also known as Black Pine Honey