Honey Harvest



Spraying should not be done in hives during honey production periods. Because it can harm human health by leaving residue in honey and beeswax.

If you make the honey harvest before the nectar flow is completely over, you can prevent the plundering tendency in the bees. The belief “Honey Does Not Germ”, which is a common belief among beekeepers, is misunderstood and interpreted. Personal hygiene and cleaning rules should be followed in harvest. If at least two thirds of the frame is glazed, it should be harvested. Harvesting fully immature honey will result in poor quality and quick souring of honey.

Care should be taken to ensure that the harvest machine, resting boiler and glaze blade used in harvest are not rusted and painted. Harvest equipment made of stainless metal should be used.

The honey harvested at the end of proces should be placed in disposable, lacquered, tin-free, sealed cans and kept in warehouses protected from sunlight and humid environments.