The Şirin Family, which started to deal with beekeeping in 1990, increased the hive production capacity over the years by showing all the dedication required by beekeeping. The family started honey packaging activities in 2017 in order to directly deliver high quality honey which has been self-produced and gathered from different regions of Turkey due to family’s wide network. They have been supplying many of the food and wholesaler companies in Turkey Europe and  Middle East.



Adopting an important mission to bring Turkish honey to consumers from all over the world, Şirin Family created the Harniva brand with the awareness of institutionalization and brand creation in order to work and establish collaborations with different cultures by adhering to global values.



While creating the Harniva brand, the words '' harmony '' (harmony) and '' new '' have been the main emotions. Because the Harniva Principles have adopted the sense of justice, which adapts to social change while improving its solutions and business models, improves human life, and believes in touching nature and people with equal values


Harniva has built an environmentally conscious corporate awareness in the point of preserving the perfect hierarchy of bees as they transform each harvest into a new honey into a new taste, their importance in the sustainability of their life cycle and the preservation of our genetic richness.



Harniva continues its packaging activities in its modern facility, which has a indoor area of 1600m2, in accordance with the global standards it has established in Ordu.



Due to hive areas located in high altitute highlands which is far away from any animal or human sources, farmlands thats been exposed to agricultural spraying, mining and industrial areas, is the most important advantage which helps our country to produce high quality honey. Also due clean water sources which close to beekeeping sites being less windy areas is another factor that providing the sustainability of beekeeping activities as well as the quality of honey.