About Harniva

Started to engage in beekeeping in 1990, the Şirin family has increased its hive production capacities throughout the years by showing the dedication and care required by the beekeeping.


Knowing that producing method of honey should be all natural and defining their vision for this purpose, the Şirin family has been supplying many of the food companies and wholesalers in both Turkey and Middle East.


The Şirin family, which has succeeded in beekeping also in the medical sector, started its activities in 2017 in order to directly deliver their high quality bee products to customers.


Knowing the importance of branding and marketing, the Şirin family has created the brand called Harniva.


Harniva was born with combination of the two words; Harmony and New. In order to make small amounts of honey, these miraculous creatures called bees visit millions of flowers. Their work in harmony with an impeccable hierarchy and turning each harvest to a new taste and new delight was source of inspiration for the born of Harniva brand.


Harniva has started production activities in 2018 in its modern facility with 1000 sqm indoor area, which meets the global standarts, located in Altınordu.


Harniva has made its mission to deliver one of the world's best quality honey to customers, thanks to Turkey's clean, high altitude air and rich endemic floral species.



It is the duty of all of us, each in our own way, to act in favour of the protection of pollinating insects. Bees are essential to the balance of ecosystems and their disappearance would cause an unprecedented ecological and economic disaster, as they provide the bulk of the world's food resources.
For the respect of the living your support for the cause of bees is vital for the future of the planet and for future generations. Protect your environnment.



Harniva has a team of professional beekeepers and experts, assuring and guaranteeing at all times the highest quality of our products, providing a wide range of honey. The bees are an essential link for us and for the food chain of the ecosystem, being a very important factor for the nature and to the food chain.


Spread our product throughout the world and become a world leading brand with our difference and our seriousity.



Improve our knowledge and provide high-quality product.
we aim to improve continuously our products’ quality and diversity in order to ensure the full satisfaction of our customer. 
Our mission is to creat and promote great-tasting by connecting people to real food.

For information about our products and other topics, you can contact us via the contact page.
Pure and completely natural.
Honey has been used as a sweetener and preservative throughout human history. Honey is known to be boost your mood, but there is much more to it. Honey is one of the most natural foods that strengthen the immune system. In fact, we can also describe it as a precious gift of nature, thanks to its countless benefits. The results of research conducted in many countries prove that honey has a positive impact on health. It is also striking that bee products prevent many diseases.
Taste pure and natural bee products harniva's quality.